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Roost Restaurant
Greenville, SC

Part Time

Posted January 12, 2021


  • Display friendly attitude greeting and seating guests. Seat and present guest with clean menus.  Seat all stations equitably assuring equal distribution of parties.
  • Keep reception area clean and neat.
  • Know locations of all outlets and services.
  • Answer phone properly and promptly giving name of restaurant and identifying self.
  • Be familiar with menu items and daily specials, including basic knowledge of food and ingredients.
  • Assist guests in finding rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms and banquets when necessary.
  • Know what is happening on property in order to assist guests as needed.
  • Assure smooth transition at shift change remaining on duty until relief is present.
  • Collect and inspect all menus, discarding all worn ones and then replacing them.
  • Strong menu knowledge about the offerings in the restaurant(s).
  • Keep Reservation Book up to date and accurate at all times
  • Responsible for the use of a bank when needed.
  • Be flexible, reliable and available for scheduling due to business demands.
  • Assist with bussing tables, pouring water and resetting tables as needed
  • Assist managers as necessary with light administrative responsibilities.


Auro Hotels is an Equal Opportunity and E-Verify Employer.  All applicants are subject to background and substance abuse screening prior to any offer of employment.




High School or better.



Roost Restaurant


Welcome to Roost

When you’re the best, you rule the roost. When you settle in, you come home to roost.

It’s a place that feels comfortable. It’s a place where we will have a little something in common. It’s a place that takes a community and builds it into a home.  That’s the spirit of Roost Restaurant located in the exciting and vibrant community of NOMA Square on Main Street in downtown Greenville, South Carolina.

Soil to City

Mealtime is a time to relax and enjoy the culinary bounty of our region. Roost provides a welcoming, friendly and unobtrusive environment where you’ll feel a sense of community. Side by side we nestle together and experience how it feels to share a space, to share a city, to share a world. We savor how good food can taste when it’s a part of our community.

Our menu features local, organic, and seasonal foods of the highest quality. Talented Chefs design and create menu items and present them with skill and confidence in our show kitchen. The menu is priced to fit every budget and every occasion.

A community Harvest table located directly in front of the exhibition kitchen features a distinguished tasting menu promoting lively conversations among guests. Guests can sit at the counter and interact with the chefs as their food is being prepared. Recipe cards will be provided to guests after dinner to inspire the chef in all of us.

Local Producers

Local food, sustainable food, or the local food movement is an alternative to big agribusiness, focusing instead on stimulating and supporting local producers and economies. The practice of offering and consuming local food is appealing because it eliminates the involvement of manufacturing, processing, and mass distribution, and instead allows both the producer and the consumer to focus on the quality of the product. The USDA’s definition of local food refers to products that can be considered day goods distance (DGD), generally under 400 miles from producer to consumer.

Roost Restaurant

220 North Main Street

Greenville, SC 29601

Telephone (864) 298-2424